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Calangute Beach and the “Bubbles” Cafe

As I was walking along the Calangute Beach in North Goa I suddenly hear a pleasant voice pleading "Sir please come to this cafe". On hearing this rather sweet voice I looked up and saw a young boy with sunglasses, who when asked for his...

Isha Tomar

Calangute Beach – Goa

The Calangute beach is considered to be the largest, and is also an extremely popular beach in North Goa. Such is the popularity of this beach that thousands of tourists (domestic and international) flock to this beach annually especially during Christmas and New Year. This...


Some Budget Accommodations Around Goan Beaches

Many Goan beaches are popular for their serene beauty and air of relaxation making Goa a perfect holiday destination. There are a host of accommodation options available to the tourists. These could range from luxury hotels and resorts to motels and budget accommodations. Here is...

Isha Tomar

Few Essential Facts about Goa Beaches

India offers a host of popular holiday destinations across its vast expanse and diverse geography and demographics. One of the clear winners among the number of states and union territories in India is state of Goa located on the west coast between the coastal strip...


A “Swiss” encounter at the Candolim Beach

"Your shoe is making sound" commented Sandra a Swiss tourist while walking besides me along the Candolim Beach located in North Goa. It is this "out of the blue" comment made by this  lady who was a total stranger to me that piqued my curiosity....

Isha Tomar

5 Most Popular Water Sports on Indian Beaches

Tourism is one of the most important revenue generating industry in India. This is simply due to the fact that the country is blessed with a number of beautiful hill stations, scenic beaches, and sacred pilgrimage sites. Moreover, it is the presence of several “scenic...


8 Indian Beaches Popular For Water Sports

Throughout India there are a number of beautiful beaches available in many states and union territories that are worth visiting. Now, many of these beaches in the country are ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, sunbathing, or just for relaxing in presence of the...


Few vital facts about Indian Beaches

“Attithi Devo Bhava” (meaning “the guest is equivalent to God”) is the tagline used by the Government of India to promote tourism, a major revenue generating industry in the country. Now, the reason for tourism being an important industry is that, this country is culturally...


Top 10 must visit “Beaches in India”

India as a country is known not only for its diversity in “culture”, but also in terms of holiday destinations. Now, since the country comprises of variety in landscapes as well as climatic conditions, there are number of spots available that are ideally suited for...