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Why are Goan Beaches so Popular?

Goa is the undisputed No.1 tourist beach destination of all the vast expanse of the Indian coastline. There are many reasons why Goa is the hottest of all destinations. Here is explaining the key reasons contributing to the popularity of 'Goan' beaches. Read More: Few Essential Facts...

Isha Tomar

Dom’s Sea Cuisine at Bogmalo Beach

"I originally  belong to Beleswar Odisha" confessed Raju a service provider/waiter working for a restaurant named "Dom's Sea Cuisine" situated at the Bogmalo Beach in South Goa. Located in a remote corner of the beach, this restaurant provides for the magnificent view of the Arabian...

Isha Tomar

Candid chat with a Lifeguard on a Goan Beach

It was while exploring the beautiful beaches in the state of Goa in India, that I observed the presence of lifeguards. Now, having seen them at all beaches I wondered what exactly was the function of these lifeguards? So, to satisfy this curiosity I decided...

Isha Tomar

Popular and delightful Goan delicacies

A presence of large number of picturesque beaches has made the state of Goa located on the west coast of India essentially popular for “sun and sand”. However, apart from the beauty of its beaches this state is also renowned for its “mouthwatering” cuisine. Now,...


Few Essential Facts about Goa Beaches

India offers a host of popular holiday destinations across its vast expanse and diverse geography and demographics. One of the clear winners among the number of states and union territories in India is state of Goa located on the west coast between the coastal strip...


Gary, Stacy, and the Cavelossim Beach

"Absolutely wonderful" is how Gary and Tracy, a British couple described their experience in Goa when I spoke to them on the beautiful Cavelossim Beach. Residing in a county called Lincolnshire in the northeast of England, they are on their first trip to Goa. In...

Isha Tomar

10 Popular shacks in Goa

The first thing that crops up in the mind when visualizing Goa is the picturesque beaches that it possesses, which is closely followed by food. Now, there are number of small “shacks” located on these beautiful beaches that provide for some delicious mouthwatering food. However,...


Top 10 must see “Beaches in Goa”

The vast Indian coastline has a host states offering a variety of beach destinations for tourists. One of the most popular tourist magnet is the state is Goa, which has over the years attracted hordes of tourists from across the globe due to its beautiful...