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Gopnath Beach – Gujarat

Gopnath Beach – Gujarat

Located on the coast of the Gulf of Khambat is an extremely picturesque and pristine beach called Gopnath Beach. This beautiful beach is located in the Bhavnagar district in Gujarat. It also is a historically significant beach with a beautiful fort belonging to King Gohilvad located in close proximity. In addition, this beach is also known to be a “paradise for bird watchers”. Furthermore, it also comprises of limestone cliffs and provides for magnificent panoramic views of the entire region.

How to Reach Gopnath Beach?

  1. By train:

The major railway station is located in Bhavnagar itself. The Bhavnagar Railway Station is well connected to major cities in the country.

Stay with a local in their home

  1. By road:

If you intend to drive to this beach then the ideal starting points would be Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Surat, and Vadodara.

  1. Via Bhavnagar:

There are two routes available from Bhavnagar and they include via NH-51 and GJ SH 31 and via GJ SH 31.

      2. Via Rajkot:

There are three routes available from Rajkot and they include via Bhavnagar-Rajkot Road and GJ SH 31, via GJ SH 31, and via Bhavnagar Rajkot Road and NH-351.

      3. Via Surat:

There is only one route available from Surat and this includes via NH-48.

     4. Via Vadodara:

There are only two routes available from Vadodara and they include via GJ SH 6 and via NE 1.

  1. By air:

The closest airport is located in Bhavnagar. The Bhavnagar Airport is well connected to cities such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Surat.

Climate and the best time to visit Gopnath Beach

The climate at this beach during the summer season which begins in March and ends in June is extremely hot with the temperature ranging from a maximum of 34 degree Celsius to a minimum of 28 degree Celsius. The rainfall received during the monsoon season which begins in June and September is “heavy” and is also accompanied by thunderstorms and landslides. The winter season which begins in October and ends in January are extremely pleasant with the temperature ranging from a maximum of 28 degree Celsius and a minimum of 20 degree Celsius. So the ideal time to truly enjoy the picturesque beauty of this beach is from October to February.

Things/activities to do

There are a number things/activities found in and around this beach that are worth exploring. They are as follows

  1. Water activities:

Activities related to water such as swimming and surfing are quite commonly witnessed at this scenic beach.

      2. Gopnath Temple:

A temple called the Gopnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu is located in close proximity to this beach. This temple is apparently 700-years-old.

      3. Talja:

A Jain Temple called Talja situated on a 350 feet high volcanic hill is located in close proximity to this scenic beach.

      4. Kathiawari Cuisine:

This beach is renowned for providing for authentic Kathiawari cuisine. The quality of food available at this beach is such that it is worth trying especially for those tourists who are genuine foodies.

      5. Maharaja Krishna Kumar Sinjhi’s Mansion:

The Maharaj Krishna Kumar Sinjhi’s Mansion built in 1940 is renowned for possessing architecture belonging to the Gohil Dynasty. Currently though this mansion comprises of a residential complex.

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