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Madhavpur Beach – Gujarat

Madhavpur Beach – Gujarat

Madhavpur Beach is a scenic beach in Gujarat, near Junagadh. According to folklore, Lord Krishna married Rukmini in Madhavpur village. This beach is named after Madhav Raothe, who ruled this region at one time. There is an annual fair organised to celebrate Lord Krishna’s marriage. A temple dedicated to Lord Krishna (Madhavraiji) is also located in close proximity to this beach.

How to Reach the Madhavpur Beach?       

  1. By train:

The nearest railway station to this beach is located Veraval. The Veraval Railway Station is well connected to major cities in the country such as Trivandrum, Rajkot, Jabalpur, Somnath etc.

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  1. By road:

If you intend to travel by road to this beach then there are three major cities in Gujrat to pass through viz. Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Porbandar.

  1. Via Ahmedabad:

There are three routes available from Ahmedabad, and they include via NH-47, via Amreli, and via GJ SH 17.

      2. Via Rajkot:

There are three routes available from Ahmedabad, and they include NH-27 and NH-151, NH-27 and NH-27, and GJ SH 96.

     3. Via Porbandar:

There are two routes available from Porbandar, and they include via NH-51 and via NH-27 and NH-51.

  1. By air:

The nearest airport is located in Diu. The Diu Airport is well connected to major cities in the country.

Climate and the best time to visit Madhavpur Beach

The climate at this beach during the summer season which begins in March and ends in June is extremely hot with the temperature ranging from a maximum of 34 degree Celsius to a minimum of 28 degree Celsius. The rainfall received during the monsoon season which begins in June and September is “heavy” and is also accompanied by thunderstorms and landslides. The winter season which begins in October and ends in January are extremely pleasant with the temperature ranging from a maximum of 28 degree Celsius and a minimum of 20 degree Celsius. So the ideal time to truly enjoy the picturesque beauty of this beach is from October to February.

Things/activities to do

There are a number of things/activities to do found around this beach that is worth exploring. They are as follows

  1. Madhavpur Beach Fair:

This fair is essentially organized at this beach to celebrate the marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukmini that is supposed to have occurred in the Madhavpur Village. This fair helps display the rich culture heritage of Gujarat via exhibitions of art, architecture, sculpture.

      2. Madhavraiji Temple:

The Madhavraiji Temple built during the 15th century is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Although the original temple was destroyed during the Mughal rule the remains of that structure still remains. Additionally, a new temple has been constructed exactly adjacent to the old temple.

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