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Cavelossim Beach

What makes Cavelossim such a delightful Goan Beach?

"Sun and sand" is what the state of Goa located on the western coast of India is known for. And so, it is not surprising that this small state comprises of a number of picturesque and pristine beaches. Now, there a number of beaches mainly...

Cavelossim Beach

Gary, Stacy, and the Cavelossim Beach

"Absolutely wonderful" is how Gary and Tracy, a British couple described their experience in Goa when I spoke to them on the beautiful Cavelossim Beach. Residing in a county called Lincolnshire in the northeast of England, they are on their first trip to Goa. In...

A view of the famous beach of Cavelossim beach in India

Cavelossim Beach – Goa

Rated the 5th best in India by TripAdvisor in 2016 is an extremely scenic beach called “Cavelossim Beach” located in Goa. Situated in the Cavelossim Village this beautiful beach is known for possessing a unique combination of “black rocks and white sand”.  It is renowned for...