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Yanam Beach

Yanam Beach – Pudducherry

Located in close proximity to the River Godavari is a picturesque and pristine beach known as Yanam Beach. This beautiful beach is situated in a small town called Yanam in Puducherry. Apparently, this beach was a French colony during the British Raj and was only...

Karaikal Beach – Pudducherry

Karaikal Beach literally meaning “a canal built of lime mix” is an extremely scenic beach located in the union territory of Puducherry. This picturesque beach is situated in a major port town along the eastern coast of India called Karaikal. This unexplored beach is known...

Promenade Beach – Pudducherry

In the city of Puducherry covering an area of 1.2 kilometres is the extremely picturesque and pristine Promenade Beach. This beautiful beach also commonly referred to as “Pondicherry Beach” is located in the union territory of Puducherry alongside the Bay of Bengal. Apart from its...