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Bekal Beach

5 Beaches in Kerala Worth Visiting During Honeymoon

Kerala is a South Indian state known for its evergreen environment and beautiful backwaters. However, what it is also renowned for are magnificent beaches. Now, among them there exist a few that are ideally suited for honeymoon in 'God's Own Country'. The question to ponder...

Kovalam beach

5 Top Beaches in Kerala

'God's Own Country' is what the beautiful South Indian state Kerala is referred to as. Now, this state is renowned not only for its picturesque environment but also, popular for tourist spots such as hill stations and beaches. With Kerala lying alongside the western coast...

View of Varkala beach, Kerala from a cliff

Varkala Beach – Kerala

Also known as “Papanasham” (which means wash away sins) is an extremely scenic beach in Kerala called Varkala Beach. This picturesque beach is located in the small coastal town of Varkala in the Thiruvananthapuram district. This beach is renowned for its beautiful landscape that includes...