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How do you become “Mindful” while at a beach

A Child and Mindfulness

How do you become “Mindful” while at a beach

Mindfulness is a psychological concept which stimulates a human being to live in the present moment. Now, this intriguing idea of “living in the moment” can be practiced using techniques such as meditation at any indoor or outdoor location. One such ideal spot where “Mindfulness” can effectively be applied, is at a beach. Now, the relevant question to be asked then is, how do you become “Mindful” while at a beach? So, here is presenting a few facts about “Mindfulness” that would provide an answer to the above mentioned question.

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Miami Beach and Mindfulness

A Lady practicing “Mindfulness” at the Miami Beach

a. Stimulating the 5 senses to remain “mindful” on the beach:

“Smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting, and touching” are the five basic senses that a human being must be able to stimulate on arrival at a beach in order to feel mindful. Furthermore, while relaxing at the beach you must check out whether it is possible to  live in the present moment. This must be done by ensuring that no unnecessary thought or judgement prevents you from living in the present.

b. Ensuring relaxation of the body to remain “mindful” at the beach:

“Relaxation of the body” is yet another technique that could be used while at the beach to feel mindful. For example, one could lie on the sand at the beach feel the earth and completely relax. Furthermore, if you feel the tension within your muscles while relaxing on the sand, it only means that mentally you still are not living in the present. And so, you must make sure then that your thought process is curbed, which in turn would lead to relaxation of your muscles.

c. Enjoy the calmness of water while at the beach to remain “mindful”:

“Sound of waves” is yet another form relaxation found around a beach that can be used to remain mindful. So, while at a beach ensure that you sit in close proximity to the sea with eyes closed, and experience the relaxing sound of water crashing on the shore. Furthermore, while meditating allow yourself to hear a sound that has been emitted from a distance. Also, make sure that you can hear these sounds without actually “visualizing” them in your head.

d. Feel the “texture” of  the sand brought by waves at the beach to remain “mindful”:

Experiencing the “textures of sand” brought in by the sea water is yet another way of remaining mindful at the beach. So for example, while having stroll on a beach ensure that you soak your feet in waves that approach the shore. Now, once they hit you observe carefully how the sand manages to massage your toes and feet while you walk. It is this sensation of sand hitting your feet that will allow to live in the present.

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e. Enjoy the beautiful “Horizon” that surrounds a beach to remain “mindful”:

Enjoying the picturesque “horizon” that surrounds most (if not all) beaches, is yet another technique that should be used to remain mindful. And therefore, while at a beach it is imperative that you feel the beauty of the horizon that surrounds you. Furthermore, ensure that you look at the clouds, the vast sea, the environment that engulfs you, and take it all in. Finally, when all the beauty has been taken in, just notice how it all affects you. It is thus eventually what effects you that brings you to a state of “mindfulness”.

f. Experience the “fragrance” that surrounds a beach to remain “mindful”:

“Sense of smell” is a powerful tool which can be used at a beach to remain “mindful”.  And so, you need to inhale in all the “salty fragrance” that emerges from the environment. Now, once the smell is taken in carefully observe how frequently it helps in stimulating old memories, which eventually leads to a state of “mindfulness”.

So, if anyone intends to genuinely experience the feeling of being “mindful” at a beach. Then he/she needs to stimulate either one of five senses that the almighty has blessed all of us humans with.

Image Credit: Jamesy Pena and Pixbay 


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