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10 Delicacies Found Around Beaches in Maharashtra

10 Delicacies Found Around Beaches in Maharashtra

The state of Maharashtra is basically located on the western coast of India. This state is known for tourist hotspots such as hill stations and beaches. Furthermore, most of the beaches in Maharashtra are scenic and are situated mainly along the Konkan coast. Now, apart from their picturesque beauty the Maharashtrian beaches comprises of a number of restaurants that provide for delicious “Konkan” delicacies.  There are a number of “Konkan” dishes that are readily available around these beaches.  So, here is presenting a list of “10” popular delicacies found around beaches in Maharashtra.

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a. Bombil/Bombay Duck:

Bombil also known as Bombay Duck, is a popular fish delicacy that found around most beaches in Maharashtra. Prepared by frying in ghee this delicacy comprises of rice flour, vinegar, finely chopped garlic and onions, salt, and green chillies. Furthermore, this delicacy is extremely delicious, and must usually consumed along with rice and curry.

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b. Pav Bhaji:

“A form of fast food” would be the best way to describe a delicacy known as Pav Bhaji that can be found around many Maharashtrian Beaches. This delicacy mainly comprises of a “thick vegetable curry” that is served along with soft bread. Historically speaking, this dish was created especially for the textile mill workers in Mumbai. Over the years several variations such as Cheese Pav Bhaji, Fried Pav Bhaji etc and many others have also been developed.

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c. Bharli Vangi:

“Cooked brinjals filled with coconut” would be the ideal description for a Maharashtrian delicacy known as Bharli Vangi. Furthermore, this delicious dish is basically prepared by mixing coconut, onion, jiggery along with brinjal.

d. Shreekhand:

Considered to be a “form of sweet yoghurt” is a popular Maharashtrian delicacy known as Shreekhand. Comprising of cardamom powder and saffron this delicious delicacy is usually consumed during occasions such as weddings or festivals such as Dusshera.  Furthermore, Shreekhand is mainly eaten along with a popular Indian delicacy known as “Puri”.

e. Poha:

“A tea time snack” is basically what a Maharashtrian delicacy known as Poha can best be described as.  This flattened rice delicacy also consists of onion and is referred to locally as “Kandhe Poha” i.e. Onion Poha, while when it comprises of potato it is known as “Batata Poha”. Furthermore, this delicacy also includes ingredients such shredded coconuts, green chillies, ginger, and lime juice.

f. Sabudana Khichidi:

Prepared used a mixture of “sago or tapioca starch” is an extremely popular Maharashtrian delicacy known as Sabudana Khichidi. Furthermore, this dish is commonly consumed during breakfast. In addition, it is also frequently eaten by an individual to break his/her fast locally known as “upwaas”.

g. Vada Pav:

“Indian Burger” would be the ideal way to describe an extremely popular Maharashtrian snack known as Vada Pav. Comprising of a patty made from potato squeezed in between a thick slice of bread this snack is extremely delicious.  Furthermore, it is also garnished with spices and salted green chillies, and is extremely popular all throughout Maharashtra.

h. Puran Poli:

“A sweet form of parantha” is what Puran Poli a Maharashtrian delicacy best be defined as.  Made from jaggery, yellow gram dal, plain flour, cardamom powder, and ghee this delicacy is extremely delicious in taste. Furthermore, it is mainly consumed during festive occasion. However, it can also be eaten anytime throughout any given day.

i. Rassa:

Rassa is essentially delicious Maharashtrian curry that is usually made along with mutton, chicken, or fish. This delicacy is consumed either with roti/chapatti or along with rice. Furthermore, there are three types of rassa namely taambade rassa which is red curry, pandhara rassa which is a white curry comprising of yoghurt, and Varhadi rassa a chicken curry originating from the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra.

j. Sol Kadi:

“An appetizer” is what Sol Kadi a popular Maharashtrian drink can best be described as. Comprising of coconut milk, kokum (a fruit), green chillies, and coriander this drink possesses a “sour” taste. Furthermore, when consumed it also serves as an effective “appetizer and digestive”. This appetizing drink is very popular in the Konkan region in Maharashtra.

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