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2 Reasons Why Marina Beach is a “Foodie Paradise”

2 Reasons Why Marina Beach is a “Foodie Paradise”

The state of Tamil Nadu located in the south of India is known for a number of beautiful beaches. One of the most popular beach in the state is situated in the city of Chennai known as Marina. Now, this beach located on the eastern coast of the country is basically known for its picturesque beauty. However, it is also popular for being a “Foodie’s paradise”. So here is presenting two reasons why the Marina Beach is a pure delight for a “foodie”.

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a. Presence of stalls at the beach that provide for high quality “Sundal”:

Prepared using “chickpeas, onions, and coconuts” is a unique and delicious delicacy known as Sundal. Furthermore, it is said to be an extremely popular delicacy at this beach. This dish basically comprises of boiled chickpeas which is sprinkled with onion, coconut, and raw mango pieces. In addition, when consumed this delicacy is extremely delicious, and is also said to be beneficial to health.

b. Presence of “Titanic Food Corner” in close proximity to the beach:

Extremely popular and located in close proximity to this beach is a restaurant known as Titanic Food Corner. This eatery is renowned for serving deliciously hot noodles. Furthermore, in terms of cost it is extremely economical, and hence attracts a lot of college students. So, in simple words this eatery basically is popular for providing for some high quality “Indian Chinese” cuisine that too at affordable rates.

In conclusion, it would be safe to say that a visit to the Marina Beach not only provides for magnificent views of the sea but also, provides for some scrumptious and unique delicacies, and thereby proves to be a true paradise for a genuine “foodie”.

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