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Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar

10 Best Virgin Beaches in India

In India today there are several beaches that are frequently visited by tourists every year, and hence they have become very popular. However, there a few beaches that for some reason have still remained unexplored. Now, the term “virgin” would be apt to describe such...

Budget Hotel

Some Budget Accommodations Around Goan Beaches

Many Goan beaches are popular for their serene beauty and air of relaxation making Goa a perfect holiday destination. There are a host of accommodation options available to the tourists. These could range from luxury hotels and resorts to motels and budget accommodations. Here is...

Why are Goan Beaches so Popular?

Goa is the undisputed No.1 tourist beach destination of all the vast expanse of the Indian coastline. There are many reasons why Goa is the hottest of all destinations. Here is explaining the key reasons contributing to the popularity of 'Goan' beaches. Read More: Few Essential Facts...

Alappuzha beach

Alappuzha Beach- Kerala

Alappuzha Beach located in Kerala is renowned for serving as host to annual cultural events such as the Sand Art Festival. This extremely scenic beach is located in a town called Alappuzha in the Alappuzha district and is also known as Alleppey. It is also connected...

Turtle man of Odisha and the Olive Ridley turtles

The Turtle Man Of Odisha-Rabindranath Sahu

It has been about 25 years since Rabindranath Sahu first established a solid relationship with the Olive Ridley Turtles at the Rushikulya Beach in Odisha. Hailing from a village called Puranabandha, Sahu has consistently over the years overseen the annual breeding process (called Arribada) undertaken...

Few Essential Facts about Goa Beaches

India offers a host of popular holiday destinations across its vast expanse and diverse geography and demographics. One of the clear winners among the number of states and union territories in India is state of Goa located on the west coast between the coastal strip...

Dumas Beach

Why is Dumas beach considered a haunted beach?

India is known for being a "tourist haven" because of its diverse culture. The presence of spots such as beaches, hill stations, pilgrimage sites in the country also helps attract a large number of tourists every year . In terms of beaches, there are a...

A Child and Mindfulness

How do you become “Mindful” while at a beach

Mindfulness is a psychological concept which stimulates a human being to live in the present moment. Now, this intriguing idea of "living in the moment" can be practiced using techniques such as meditation at any indoor or outdoor location. One such ideal spot where "Mindfulness"...