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Alappuzha Beach, Things You Need To Know

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Alappuzha Beach, Things You Need To Know

In ‘God’s own country’ i.e. Kerala there exists a number of beautiful hill stations as well as beaches. Now, in terms of beaches, one of the most popular in the state is the Alappuzha Beach. The question then we need to ask, is what do we know about this beach located in the Alappuzha district? And hence to answer this question here is illustrating all the things you need to know about this pristine and scenic beach.

Alappuzha Beach Map
Alleppey Beach

Alleppey Beach

a. Where is the Alappuzha Beach?

This ‘pristine and serene’ beach is located in a town known Alappuzha. Furthermore, this beach was once famous for ‘Camel Safaris’. However, unfortunately it was officially banned by the government authorities a couple years ago. With regards to accessibility, this beach can be reached through a number roads and the Alappuzha Bypass.

b. What is the Alappuzha Beach Festival about?

Organized annually at this wonderful beach is a popular art festival. Such is the popularity of this festival that it attracts thousands of visitors from around the state. Furthermore, in April 26th 2015 a ‘Sand Festival’ was organized  by the ‘Alleppey Foundation’ and the state government. During this event national and international sand artists participated.

c. Alappuzha Beach, Things to do?

There are number of popular tourist spots located in close proximity to this beach worth visiting. They are as follows:

  1. Alappuzha lighthouse.
  2. Vijay Park.
  3. Sea View Park.

d. Alappuzha Beach Pier, What is it?

An old pier is located at this beach which connects it to the sea. Apparently, it is about 150 years old.

e. Alappuzha Beach Hotels:

There are a number of hotels available around the beach. To find out more please click and read the Google Map.

Image Credits: Flickr and Wikimedia Commons

f. Alappuzha Beach You Tube Video:

If you also want to have a look at this beautiful beach then, here is presenting a YouTube Video:

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