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Things To Know About Surfing On South Indian Beaches

Did you know that the word ‘SURF’ originated in India back in the 1600’s? The etymology of the word can be traced back to 1685 when the Portuguese occupied majority of the western coastline of India. They discovered the word ‘suffe’ which meant coastline and soon...

Isha Tomar

Kalpeni Beach – Lakshwadeep

Measuring about 3 km in length and 594 km in breadth is a pristine and scenic beach in Lakshadweep called Kalpeni. This picturesque beach is located in the Kalpeni Island. Surrounded by beautiful coconut trees and crystal clear blue sea water this beach serves as...


Thaikadappuram Beach – Kerala

Renowned for being “home” to the Olive Ridley Turtle species is a scenic beach in Kerala called Thaikadappuram Beach. This picturesque beach is located in close proximity to a town called Nileshwaram in the Kasaragod district. It is at this beach that an NGO i.e....


Kozhikode Beach – Kerala

Popular for providing magnificent views of the “setting sun” is the extremely scenic Kozhikode Beach. This picturesque beach located in the Kozhikode city is a part of the Beypore Beach. In addition, the 28 km long beach road that connects to this beach was renamed...


Kolavipalam Beach – Kerala

Located in the Kozhikode district in Kerala is an extremely pristine and secluded beach called “Kolavi Palm Beach”. This beautiful beach is located to the south of the Murad River in close proximity to the Payyoli Beach. In addition, this picturesque beach comprises of beautiful...


Kizhunna Beach – Kerala

Considered to be among the “most secluded beaches” in Kerala is the picturesque and pristine-Kiz Unna Beach. This beautiful beach is located in the northern part of the state in the coastal town of Kannur. Additionally, since this beach is located in close proximity to...


Kanwatheertha Beach – Kerala

Considered as “Virgin territory” is a picturesque and isolated beach called Kanwatheertha Beach in north most Kerala. This extremely scenic beach is situated in the Kasargod district and is adjacent to the Batapady beach on the southern tip of the state of Karnataka. Since this...


Kappad Beach – Kerala

Discovered during the 15thcentury by famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama is a picturesque beach located in Kerala called Kappad Beach. This beautiful beach is situated in a village called Kappad/Kappakadavu in close proximity to Kozhikode. It essentially possesses a beautiful landscape that includes coconut...


Beypore Beach – Kerala

Renowned for its “pristine and tranquil environment” is an extremely enchanting beach located in Kerala called Beypore Beach. This picturesque beach is situated in the Kozhikode district on the banks of the River Chaliyar. Apart from its scenic beauty this beach is also surrounded by...


Bekal Beach – Kerala

Located in Kasaragod district is an extremely picturesque beach called Bekal Beach. This beautiful beach is known for its scenic landscape which includes the presence of beautiful palm trees. A fort was known as “Bekal Fort” is situated in close proximity to this beach. In...