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Ross And Smith Island Beach – Andaman And Nicobar

Ross And Smith Island Beach – Andaman And Nicobar

Located on the “twin islands” of Ross and Smith in Diglipur is the beautiful “Ross and Smith Island Beach”. Known for its crystal clear(green coloured) water and picturesque landscape it is a sheer tourist delight. This beach is also surrounded by a beautiful tropical forest that lends more charm to its scenic beauty. In addition to its beauty, this beach is also renowned for water sports activities especially snorkelling. So if you intend to relax your mind, body, and soul in the presence of the true beauty of nature or, you are a water sports enthusiast who wants to enjoy some snorkelling then this beach must be visited.

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How to get there Ross and Smith Island Beach? 

  1. By Water:

There are about three to four ferry services that are available from Port Blair to Diglipur.

      2. By Road:

There are a number of STS bus services that are available from places in and around the Andaman and Nicobar islands such as Port Blair, Rangat, Mayabunderetcto Diglipur. Shared Jeep services to Diglipur are also available.

      3. By Air:

The nearest airport located to this beach is in Port Blair. The Port Blair airport is well connected to major cities in the country such as Mumbai. Additionally, sea plane services from Port Blair to Diglipur are also available.

Climate and best time to visit Ross and Smith Island Beach:

The summer in which begins in March and ends in May is usually hot and humid with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 28 degree Celsius to a maximum of 31 degree Celsius. The monsoon season which begins in June and ends in September receives rainfall that ranges from average to heavy. The winter months of November to February are usually cool and pleasant with, temperatures ranging from a minimum of 15 degree Celsius to a maximum of 34 degree Celsius. So the ideal time to visit this beach in Diglipur so as to truly enjoy water sports activities such as snorkelling is from October to April.

  1. Things/activities to do:

Like most of beaches located in the wonderful Andaman and Nicobar Island, this beach too is popular for water sports activities especially snorkelling and swimming. This beach is also popular for a turtle nestling spot and a marine sanctuary that must be visited.  The turtle nestling spot is renowned for a species of turtles known as “Olive Ridley Turtles”. On the other hand the marine sanctuary showcases the beautiful sights of coral reefs available in this region, a major reason why it is such a tourist delight.

  1. Word of caution:

The beach cannot be visited without prior consent from the Forest Department of Diglipur. In order to obtain this permission a fee of Rs 50 for Indian tourist and, Rs 500 for foreign tourist must be paid to the Forest Department.


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