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Offbeat Beaches in India truly worth visiting

Offbeat Beaches in India truly worth visiting

India as a country is filled with a number of exotic tourist destinations. They exist either in the form of hill stations, pilgrimage sites, or beaches. Now, there are a number of beaches available in the country that are worth visiting. However, there are a few which are quite “unconventional”, and hence must be visited. So, here is presenting a list of few such “Offbeat Beaches” in India that are truly worth visiting. They are as follows:

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a. Rushikulya Beach- Odisha:

 Rushikulya Beach Map

For being “The nesting home of the Olive Ridley Turtles” is what the Rushikulya Beach located in Odisha is renowned for. Rushikulya Beach Situated in the Ganjam district, this beach provides for magnificent views of “sunrise and sunset”. Furthermore, the area around this beach has not been developed, and hence there are no motels, hotels, or even shacks. However, during the months of February to about April the “Olive Ridley Turtle” species arrive at this beach to lay their eggs. This mating process is technically known as “arribada”. In addition, the eggs are laid by the turtle species mainly during early hours of the morning at this beach. And so, if you intend to witness the hatching of the “Olive Ridley Turtles” eggs then, Rushikulya Beach must be visited.

b. Falta Beach- West Bengal:

Falta Beach Map

Considered to be “one of the most visited in the state of West Bengal” is a beach known as Falta.Sunset on Ganga River at Falta, West Bengal  Located in a district known as South 24 Paragans district, this beach is renowned for its picturesque beauty. Furthermore, this scenic beach also provides for the magnificent view of the point where the River Damodar converges with Hooghly River. Historically speaking, this beach is supposed to have been used as “home” by the British when the city of Kolkata was captured by the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-Ud-Daula. So, if your intention is to enjoy picturesque beauty in presence of “sun and sand” then Falta Beach is a must visit.

c. Yanam Beach- Puducherry:

 Yanam Beach

Situated alongside the Godavari River about 9 kilometers from the Bay of Bengal is the picturesque Yanam Beach. Yanam Beach Located in union territory of Puducherry, this beach is renowned for being a picnic hotspot. Furthermore, this beach is known for its “serenity”, and hence is ideal for those who intend to relax away from the “hustle and bustle” of city life. In addition, there are a number of tourists spots such as temples and churches situated around this beach that are worth a visit. So, if your intention is to relax in presence of “serenity” faraway from hectic city life then Yanam is beach that you need to explore.

d. Guitar Island Beach- Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

 Guitar Island Beach Map

Located on the exotic Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is a picturesque beach known as Guitar IslandGuitar-Island-Beach Situated in close proximity to the “Small Guitar Island”, this beach is known for its crystal clear water and an atmosphere filled with “tranquility”. Furthermore, this beach provides for magnificent views of the “rising and setting sun”. In addition, it is shaped in the form of a “guitar”, and hence has been named so. It is also considered to be a “swimmer’s paradise” because of the presence of crystal clear turquoise sea water. And therefore, if you intend to relax in presence of “serene beauty” then Guitar Island is the beach  for you.

e. Erangal Beach- Maharashtra:

 Erangal Beach Map

Situated in close proximity to the famous Aksa Beach in the city of Mumbai, is the Erangal Beach. Erangal Beach Located in the state of Maharashtra, this beach is surrounded by beautiful hills and paddy fields. In addition, it is renowned for providing magnificent views of the “sunrise and sunset”. Furthermore, it is also known to be a spot where “wild parties” are frequently organized. And so, for those who intend to enjoy the “picturesque beauty” as well as have good time partying, Erangal is the ideal beach to visit.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons




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