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Popular and delightful Goan delicacies

Popular and delightful Goan delicacies

A presence of large number of picturesque beaches has made the state of Goa located on the west coast of India essentially popular for “sun and sand”. However, apart from the beauty of its beaches this state is also renowned for its “mouthwatering” cuisine. Now, there are many delicacies within the Goan cuisine that are extremely popular with tourists and can be experienced mainly in “shacks” located on beaches. So, here is presenting a list of few popular Goan delicacies.


a. Ambot Tik:

“Sour and spicy” is the literal translation of a wonderful Goan fish delicacy known as Ambot Tik.  Comprising of ingredients such as dried red chillies, peppercorns, and tamarind this delightful delicacy is “sour and pungent” at the same time. Furthermore, it is either the shark or catfish breed that is basically used in preparing this mouthwatering Goan dish.

b. Fish curry and Rice:

“Staple food” is what “fish curry and rice” represents for people belonging to Goa. Also popularly known as “Xitt Coddi” in the Konkani language this delicacy consist of a yellow coloured curry made up of chillies and turmeric powder and is spicy to taste. Furthermore, the mackerel breed of fish is mainly used in this curry. In addition, white steamed rice is provided along with this tasty curry.

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c. Sorpotel:

“A spicy stew made from pig meat” would be the best way to describe a popular Goan delicacy known as Sorpotel. At times comprising of the heart, liver, and kidneys of the pig, this delicacy is extremely delicious. Furthermore, the pig meat used in this delicacy is initially par boiled and then cooked along with spices and vinegar. It is said that Sorpotel tastes the best when allowed to mature, and hence it should be ideally eaten either two or three days after it has been prepared.

d. Mushroom Xacuti:

Considered to be “a traditional Goan delicacy”, Mushroom Xacuti  basically comprises of mushrooms obtained from the wild. Furthermore, it essentially is a curry that consists of chopped onions and tomatoes. In addition, this delicacy is also garnished along with coriander leaves.

e. Mackerel Reacheado:

Comprising of “fish” as the major ingredient Mackerel Reacheado is a delicacy filled with hot spices. It is essentially prepared by slicing a cross section of the “mackerel” fish, and applying a type of spice (i.e. masala) known as “Reacheado”. Furthermore, the sliced fish filled with hot spice is then basically fried using a pan.

f. Sanna:

“White soft bread” would be the best way to describe a popular Goan delicacy known as Sanna. Furthermore, it is basically a coconut preparation made by mixing toddy with rice flour. In addition, this mixture is fermented and then eventually steamed. It can be eaten with most curries. However, it tastes best when eaten along with sorpotel.

g. Crab Xec Xec:

Since seafood is the lifeline of Goa, it is no surprise that Crab Xec Xec is a popular delicacy in this state known for “sun and sand”. This delicacy basically is a curry that comprises of crabs pieces. Furthermore, it is made up of grounded coconut, coriander, and roasted spices. This curry is best served along with either rice or bread.

h. Goan Sausage:

Considered to be “extremely popular in Goa” is a delicacy known as sausage. Furthermore, it is basically obtained from the meat and fat of a pig. In addition, sausages are either eaten along with bread or they are added to pulao rice. It is extremely popular and mainly eaten during feasts.

i. Bebinca:

“An extremely popular sweet” would be the best way to define a Goan delicacy called Bebinca. Made from egg, coconut milk, sugar, and ghee this delicacy is extremely popular in Goa. Furthermore, preparing it requires a lot of time and patience since proper cooking in the oven is needed to produce a high quality product. This delicacy is generally prepared during Christmas.

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