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Goa diaries

Goa Diaries 2017- Lots of “Fun under the Sun”

"Lots of fun under the sun, with some work done" would be the best way to describe my eight day backpacker trip to the beautiful beaches of Goa which began on the 23rd October and ended on 30th October 2017. However, my Goan sojourn actually...

Honeymoon Beach, Goa

'Picturesque beauty' would be the best way to describe the Honeymoon Beach situated in Goa. Located at a distance of approximately about 7 Kms from Palolem on an island, this beach is surrounded by a green environment and the beautiful Arabian Sea. The beach is...

Water activity at Palolem Beach

2 Water Activities at Palolem Beach

In South Goa there are several beaches that are extremely pristine, picturesque, and hence worth visiting. One such beach that is extremely popular is Palolem. Now, the Palolem Beach attracts tourists in large numbers not only for its scenic beauty but also, for a couple...

The “Kayaking Man” of Palolem Beach

Kayaking is a form of water sport that is extremely popular in many beaches in India. Now, this form of water sport is readily available on many of the picturesque beaches situated in the state of Goa. One such beach in the state that is...

The hidden Butterfly beach in Goa

Butterfly Beach, Goa: The hidden beach

Butterfly Beach is a hidden beach, pristine and scenic, located south of Agonda beach and north of Palolem Beach. It is a secluded spot, accessible through a boat ride from the nearby beaches. The beach has a tranquil atmosphere and has golden sand and crystal clear...

Palolem Beach, Goa during the morning hours

Palolem Beach – Goa

Famous for 'parties and a vibrant nightlife' is the Palolem Beach located in the Canacona area in South Goa. According to the website, this beach was rated as the 8th best beach in Asia and the 2nd best in India. In addition, this beach,...