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Butterfly Beach Goa: Nature’s Undiscovered Treasure Trove

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Butterfly Beach is a hidden beach in Goa

Butterfly Beach Goa: Nature’s Undiscovered Treasure Trove

The butterfly beach – An unusual experience

An undiscovered oasis of clear waters, a variety of species and a layer of forest blankets this breath taking beach that is nestled in the South Goa district at Palolem, Canacona. The butterfly beach welcomes you with warm vibes fluttering around you in the form of butterflies, springing Dolphins and a breath taking view assuring you an extraordinary Goan beach experience.

Butterfly beach Goa

The hidden Butterfly Beach in South Goa (Source: AskGalore)

What’s so special?

Apart from dipping your feet in crystal clear water and enjoying the company of the aquatic life, you can witness multiple and unique species of butterflies (After which this beach is named) that hover around the area, adding life to this beach. Another interesting fact about this beach is that it is naturally shaped in the form of a butterfly adding another co-incidental naming factor to this beach. The beach is blessed with a magical aquatic life that harbors red fish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crabs and goldfish. A few of these sea creatures have been spotted by frequenting tourists during low tides on the shores of the beach.

Dolphin sightings

Another major attraction for the few tourists that visit this beach is dolphins diving in this sea located at the heart of South Goa. The dolphins at butterfly beach can be spotted if visited at the wee hours of the morning. This destination for dolphin is preferred over the other beaches owing to its secluded location away from a mighty tourist population.

The butterfly beach is as good as a private beach

Very few determined tourists can make it to this beach because of its obscure location where neither cars nor bikes survive the split water bodies, steep climbs, fields and forested areas. Tourists that managed to discover this beach made their way through the sea route which turned out to become the only route to this exotic destination.

Activities on and around the beach area

The beach is perfect for day of rest and sunbathing under the Goan sun while watching the dolphins dive for a gasp of fresh air. You can also visit the surrounding beaches namely the honeymoon beach, Palolem beach and Agonda beach to bask under the warmth of the sun.

The other activities that you can indulge in are:

Take up a yoga class

This is the perfect location to distress from the city life hustle and rejuvenate, unwind and refresh your mind, body and soul as you join hands with nature. Yoga land and a few other resorts offer yoga retreats and programs you can take up while on your holiday.

Join an Indian cookery class

Did the goan curries linger on your taste buds? You can recreate them to take back home with you, thanks to cookery classes around this location. Learn to cook exotic Goan food dishes like vindaloo, fish curries and other sea food preparation equipped with the knowledge of Indian spices.


Remember how we told you that getting to the butterfly beach is impossible without a vehicle? Well the good news is, you can trek to the beach and get to repel down a river, jump into pools of clean and fresh water from high above and generally discover the nature of India.

Party at a silent night disco

The obscurity of this beach cove blanketed in white sand and crystal clear waters is surrounded by forests. The silent noise disco comes alive after sun set. This disco organizes headphones for the party goers to enjoy music along with the joy of the atmosphere while maintaining the tranquillity of the beach.

Surrounding beaches

The Palolem beach

This beach in south Goa is another hidden gem that you can get through only after your adventurous ride through forests. You can refresh yourself with sugarcane juice from vendors along your journey. The beach is relatively cleaner and less crowded. You can try paddling a Kayak to get to the island in the middle of this sea and enjoy watching this small white sanded strip of the beach.

The Honeymoon beach

This beach is another private beach island that is tucked away from the crowd. The pristine sands of the beach beckon young couples, travellers and tourists to park themselves for a day of perfect tranquillity. Beach shacks at this destination offer candle light dinners and a place to rest for the night.

The Canacona beach belt

The Canacona beach belt that was discovered in the late 1990’s is yet another beach in South Goa that is isolated from the chaos of the crowd. The best time to visit this beach is between December to February.


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