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Top 6 must visit Beaches in Puducherry

Top 6 must visit Beaches in Puducherry

India is a country that currently consists of “7 union territories” as per the constitution. Now, a few of these union territories are popular tourist destinations. One such union territory that is popular with tourists (national as well as international) is Puducherry or Pondicherry. There are several reasons as to “why” Puducherry is a tourist hotspot. One major reason for this union territory being popular with tourists, is the presence of few beautiful beaches. So here is presenting the top “6 beaches in Puducherry that are worth a visit.


a. Auroville Beach:

Considered to be one of the “best” in Puducherry is a picturesque beach known as Auroville. Commonly referred to as “Auro” this beach is renowned for its beautiful seashells and crystal clear sea water. In addition, this beach is also ideal for water related activities such as swimming and surfing. In fact, one can observe surfers practicing their skill at this beach especially early in the morning.

b. Promenade Beach:

“An ideal spot to hang out with friends” would be the best way to describe the scenic Promenade Beach located in Puducherry.  This 1.5 km long beach is essentially “rocky” in nature, and is linked to a long walkway which is used by several tourists for physical activities like jogging, walking etc.  In addition, this scenic beach also consists of a number of shacks, restaurants, food carts, sea facing cafes etc.

c. Paradise Beach:

“Heavenly” would be the right adjective to describe this picturesque beach quite aptly named “Paradise”. This beach provides for a magnificent view of the “clear blue” ocean, and is surrounded by an extremely tranquil atmosphere. In addition, to its scenic beauty it is considered to be one of the cleanest beaches in Puducherry, and is managed by the Chunnambar Resort.

d. Serenity Beach:

Appropriately named “Serenity” due to its “tranquil” atmosphere this beach is an ideal spot for relaxation. Furthermore, this beach is also popular for activities such as sunbathing and surfing. In addition, this beach is also surrounded by some wonderful cafes and flea markets that are worth visiting.

e. Mahe Beach:

“Views that takes ones breath away” is what one gets while visiting this picturesque beach called Mahe in Puducherry.  Considered to be a “virgin” beach it is known to provide for beautiful views of the ocean and of the setting sun. In addition, due to its serenity and the magnificent views that it provides for, it serves as an ideal spot for those who are passionate photographers and for those who seek a peace of mind.

f. Karaikal Beach:

“Swimmer’s Paradise” is what the pristine beach called Karaikal located in Puducherry is commonly referred to as. Renowned for being clean this beach also comprises of a number of watersport facilities. In addition, the sea water along the beach is safe, and hence serves as an ideal spot for swimming.

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