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Guitar Island Beach – Andman And Nicobar

Guitar Island Beach in Andaman and Nicobar

Guitar Island Beach – Andman And Nicobar

Shaped in the form of a “Guitar” and located on Long Island in Andaman and Nicobar is the beautiful Guitar Island Beach. This beach like many others located in Andaman possesses crystal clear water and an extremely tranquil filled environment. Additionally, the island located just opposite to this beach is referred to as the “Small Guitar Island”. So, if you intend to plan a vacation to completely relax and disconnect from the stresses of life then this beach is an ideal destination to visit.

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How to reach Guitar Island Beach? 

Guitar Island Beach Map
  1. By Water:

There are regular speed boat services that operate three times a week from Port Blair that travel up to Long Island. On arrival at Long Island a “Dinghy Boat” needs to be used to get to the beach.

     2. By Road:

There is route from Port Blair which connects to Rangat, a village that lies in close proximity to Long Island. From this village boat services to Long Island are available.

a. How to reach Guitar Island Beach from Rangat: 

The shortest route to reach Guitar Island  beach from Rangat is as depicted in the map above. Alternatively, click on the Google Maps link here to view on Google Maps.

     3. By Air:

The nearest airport to this beach is located in Port Blair. The Port Blair Airport is well connected to major cities in the country such as Mumbai, Kolkata etc. 

Climate and best time to visit Guitar Island Beach:

The summer months at this beach which begins in April and ends in June comprises of temperatures ranging from a minimum 25 degree Celsius to a maximum of 35 degree Celsius. The rainfall received during the monsoons which begins in July and ends in September ranges from moderate to heavy. Finally, winter begins in October and ends in March with, the climate being extremely pleasant and, temperatures ranging from a minimum of 20 degree Celsius to a maximum of 34 degree Celsius. So the ideal time to visit this beautiful beach is from October to March as during this period the temperature is ideally suited for activities such as swimming and snorkelling.

  1. Things to do at Guitar Island Beach:

The water surrounding this beach is generally calm making it an ideal “swimmer’s paradise”. Apart from swimming, the tranquil environment of this beach makes it an ideal spot for relaxation in complete seclusion.

Interesting Fact:

In close proximity to the picturesque Guitar Island Beach in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands lies another picturesque beach known as “Small Guitar Island” that is worth visiting. In fact, during low tides both the beaches mentioned above are connected to one another due to the formation of narrow sand bars. Additionally, an island known as ‘Long Island’ is also situated  a short distance from this beach. It basically comprises of three small villages known as Long Village, Middle Village, and Lalaji Bay.  It is commonly used as a spot for ‘beach camping’. Havelock Island also extremely popular in this region. In fact, the Government of India is using this island to promote ‘Eco tourism’ in a big way.

Accommodation – Hotels, Resorts and Home Stays in and around Guitar Island, Andaman and Nicobar:

Click on the link here to check out the places to stay near Guitar Island, Andaman and Nicobar, West Bengal on Google Maps.


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