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8 Indian Beaches worth visiting during Monsoons

8 Indian Beaches worth visiting during Monsoons

In India there are several picturesque beaches located in a few states and union territories that are worth visiting. Now, the ideal period to visit these scenic beaches is mainly during the summer season. However, there are a few beaches that are worth visiting during the monsoon season. So, here is presenting a list of “8 Indian Beaches” that are truly worth visiting during the extremely “romantic” monsoon season.

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a. Palolem Beach- Goa:

Palolem Beach Map

Surrounded by “green” palm trees from all sides, the Palolem Beach located in South Goa is a pure “tourist delight” when visited during the monsoons. The major reason being that as it rains the palm trees that surrounds this wonderful beach becomes “lush green”, and thereby creates a fresh environment filled with greenery. In addition, the prices of restaurants, hotels, shacks etc are low during this period since the inflow of tourists is less, which is a definite advantage for those who intend to plan a trip to this beach during the monsoons.

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b. Varkala Beach- Kerala:

Varkala Beach Map

Considered to be one among the “most beautiful Beaches” in Kerala is, Varkala located in the Thiruvananthapuram district. This beautiful beach is surrounded by a hill and the magnificent ocean. And so during monsoons when it rains this entire region (i.e. hill and the ocean) provides for an extremely romantic view. However, one must note during this period the sea at this beach is not safe, and hence swimming must be avoided.

c. Velneshwar Beach- Maharashtra:

Velneshwar Beach Map

“Pristine yet underrated” would be the apt way to describe the Velneshwar Beach located on the Konkan coast in Maharashtra. This beach during the monsoons due to persistent rainfall is brought to life with the entire ambiance consisting of mainly “coconut palms” becoming lush green, and the atmosphere freshening up.  In addition, it is during this period that finding an accommodation in close proximity to this beach is much easier since the influx of tourists is much less.

d. Keri Beach- Goa:

Keri Beach Map

Considered to be “extremely rare” is the Keri Beach located in North Goa. Situated in a desolate area this beach is surrounded by beautiful trees and the magnificent view of the sea. And so during the monsoons this beach is enveloped by an extremely “evergreen” and fresh environment, which makes it an extremely ideal spot for enjoying the “romance” of the rains. The fact that this beach is filled with “tranquility” only adds to the overall charm of the beach even more so during the monsoons.

e. Kudle Beach- Karnataka:

Kudle Beach Map

Located in Gokarna, Karnataka, the Kudle Beach is renowned for its golden sand and is surrounded by a beautiful “green landscape”. And so during the monsoons when this beach receives rain the landscape which surrounds it becomes even more fresh and green, which provides for views that are not only soothing for the “eyes” but for the “soul” too.

f. Anjarle Beach- Maharashtra:

Anjarle Beach Map

Considered to be one of the “most beautiful” in the Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra is a beach known as Anjarle. Comprising of an atmosphere filled with “tranquility” this beach during the monsoon provides for some “breathtaking” views, which is what makes it an ideal spot for those intending to feel a “romantic experience to remember”.

g. Vagator Beach- Goa:

Vagator Beach Map

Located in close proximity to the Chapora Fort (made famous by the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai) is the scenic Vagator Beach located in North Goa. Surrounded by beautiful green palm trees this extremely picturesque beach during the monsoon provides for mesmerizing views of the “green environment” as well as an atmosphere filled with “romance” which is closely linked to the rains.

h. Promenade Beach- Puducherry:

Vagator Beach Map

Situated on the Eastern coast of India in Puducherry (a union territory) is the picturesque Promenade Beach. Furthermore, this beach lies in close proximity to the famous Aurbindo ashram”. This extremely scenic beach during “monsoon” provides for magnificent views of the sea as well as creates a “romantic” atmosphere which basically is the essence of the monsoon season.

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