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Cafe Lucky Star, A Beach Shack at Morjim Beach

Cafe Lucky Star, A Beach Shack at Morjim Beach

As I stroll on to the beautiful Morjim Beach located in North Goa, what I experienced was true serenity under the setting sun. However, I also observed a small shack situated on this beach. Now, it is out of curiosity that I stepped into this shack named “Cafe Lucky Star”. Furthermore, I absorbed the “cool” vibe exuded by this shack, and ordered a plate of typical Goan fish curry along with rice and a bottle of beer. It was while eating my dinner that I realized an article on this shack possessing a “relaxed” ambiance would make for a great read. And so, after completing my dinner I approached the owner Sudesh Dabolkar (a Morjim resident), who very willingly provided to give me some valuable insights about his shack.  Here is presenting some essential facts about this shack called “Cafe Lucky Star”  obtained from the chat with owner.

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My “Dinner” at the Cafe Lucky Star Shack located on Morjim Beach (Source: AskGalore)

1. The delicious “Food” served at Cafe Lucky Star on Morjim Beach and its cost:

Sudhesh Dabolkar, the owner of the Cafe Lucky Star Shack located on the Morjim Beach (Source: AskGalore)

“Goan Seafood is a specialty at this shack” said the owner  Dabolkar when I asked him about the food that he provides for. The most popular delicacies being Fish curry rice, Masala Fried Fish, and Rawa Fried Fish.  I then inquired about the other types of cuisine that are served at this shack, to which he replied “Continental, Chinese, and Indian are the other types of food that we provide”. In addition, “Shashlik”, a grilled delicacy is also extremely popular with customers, Dabholkar  explained to me. Furthermore, he also stated that “Mexican, Russian, and Israeli food are also served over here”.  In terms of cost, he said that “Rs 500 would suffice for a single person’s meal at this shack”.

2. The “Drinks” served at Cafe Lucky Star on Morjim Beach and their cost:

The entrance of Cafe Lucky Star Beach Shack (Source: AskGalore)

Morjim Beach Map

In terms of drinks served Dabolkar said that “Beer and whiskey are the most popularly consumed alcoholic beverages at the shack”. He added that “With regards to beer Ultra priced at Rs 100 was the most expensive and Kings priced at Rs 80 was the most cheapest”. When asked about whiskey he emphatically said “We sell both national and international brands”. So, while international scotch whiskeys such as Black Label, Red Label, and Chivas Regal are sold at Rs 500 for 60 ml, domestic brands such as Teachers, Black Dog, and Black and White are sold at Rs 350 for 60 ml.

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3. The “Peak” season in terms of business for Cafe Lucky Star on Morjim Beach:

“November to March” is the period according to Dabolkar during which the business of his shack peaks. When asked about the type of tourists it attracts, he said “My shack receives domestic tourists as well those belonging to Russia and other European countries in equal numbers”. He also adds “During peak season mainly in the month of December, we hike the prices of food and drinks in the range of about Rs 50 to Rs 100”.  Finally, to wrap up this informative chat with Dabolkar I asked him about the off season, to which he responds “Its from June to October that we do not operate, since our shack license issued by the state government is valid only until May”.

As this informative conversation with Dabolkar is completed, I thank him for all his support and then leave his shack with memories of the great ambiance and quality Goan seafood provided, that I shall always remember.

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